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Yarlington Mill cider apples ripening on a sunny day...

This picture 'says it all'. Captured on camera by friend and fellow cider maker Ray Blockley, it radiates the joy of seeing beautiful apples ready for harvesting. For me, this picture it is emblematic of my lifelong love of orchards, apples and cider. It represents a passion that I like to share with others. My aim here is to encourage enthusiasm for traditional cider, apple growing and cider making. This website is intended as a celebration of the apple; surely one of the greatest gifts to mankind from our Creator!

Cider by RosieWelcome to the website for Rose's Cider - Dorset craft cidermaker better known as Cider by Rosie. Please explore this website to find out more about this small business. You can also find pages of my cider making diary, "The Cidermaking Year", together with the complete archive in an easy to download and browse format. I keep this diary up to date with each new installment.

Cider by Rosie - Roses OrchardCiderbyrosie.co.uk isn't a sales website and I do not sell by post or web. However, would I like you to try my cider? Absolutely. Have a look through the outlets page to find where Cider by Rosie is sold. You will find it is a full juice, crafted cider made from Dorset grown cider apples: The whole juice, and nothing but the juice!

Cider by Rosie - Bath and West Show - Supreme Champion Cider 2009
Cider byt Rosie - Bath and West 2009 Champion Farmhouse Cider
Cider by Rosie - Big Apple award 2007